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OKIN Facility strengthens its branches in Poland and Romania

Since September of last year, the Polish and Romanian divisions of OKIN Facility have been reinforcing their teams by accepting new people into managerial positions. After the successful start of the Polish branch Jiří Janda left and became the Country Director in Romania, where the market is developing dynamically. Since September 1, 2015 the Country Director of the Polish division is Krystyna Helińska who is taking care of further developing the branch.

“Thanks to the dynamic development of the Romanian market we feel a great potential for our growth in this region. This is the main reason for the reorganization and above all for the strengthening of our team in the Romanian branch,” says Jiri Janda, the new Country Director of Romania.

The position of Business Development Manager for Romania was adopted by Mihai Staicu. Mihai Budurca was appointed as the new Operating Manager. In addition to the existing clients, he will be responsible for new ones, including the business center Floreasca and Procter & Gamble.

Besides Krystyna ​​Helińska, who has fifteen years of work experience and from that six years of direct experience in facility management, Grzegorz Heliński also joined the Polish team. He was needed to strengthen the sales department with his twenty years of experience in the field of sales. He was appointed as Sales Manager on December 1, 2015.

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