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Is your organization prepared? Check out our OKIN DIGITAL series as businesses start to adapt to the “new normal.”

What challenges does this year’s black swan bring to business? What should we learn from it and how will the environment in which we operate and do business change? Join us at OKIN DIGITAL LinkedIn Page to discover challenging you to view your business through one of the lenses for a few days and to think about and plan your response – both for the current phase of survival and the future phase of post-COVID growth.

Our goal is to accelerate success for clients in today’s information age. We transform customer experience, bring massive simplification, infuse extreme agility and build platforms of the future. All you will find all this in a new series of articles by Michal Jelinek, the innovative entrepreneur behind the OKIN. How is the business beyond the pandemic? Crisis, opportunity and practical reinvention. Join us and discuss!

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