OSH / Fire Protection / Environment

BOZP / PO / životní prostředí

Motto: We can prevent risks effectively.

Complex solutions in work safety, fire protection and environmental protection.
We will protect you from sanctions by regulatory authorities .
We act in accordance with applicable legal requirements and in compliance with the norms of ČSN, ISO, OHSAS and related regulations by using updated information from our field .
All issues are resolved by our own experts who have many years of experience and expertise in the field.
Our business is complex and economically balanced according to the client‘s needs.
We represent clients in negotiations with government authorities (Regional Labour Inspectorate, Regional Health Authority, Fire Brigade, Czech Environmental Inspection and others).

Occupational safety and health – OSH – OHSAS 18001

We set a system of health and safety at work:

  • We will perform an initial audit and evaluate existing conditions of safety.
  • We will perform annual audits of safety at work, including a proposal of measures that need to be undertaken to correct the shortcomings.
  • We prepare a complete documentation of work safety, such as categorisation of work, thematic training plans, guidelines for the management of and distribution of protective equipment etc.
  • All employees will be trained.
  • We find and identify risks – we will process the risk analysis.
  • We will process the categorisation of work.
  • We will help in methodically resolving work-related accidents.
  • We will provide an office coordinator for OSH at building sites.

Fire protection

We will set a fire protection system:

  • We will perform an initial audit and evaluate existing conditions of fire protection.
  • We will prepare fire safety design for the building.
  • We will perform serviceability checks and inspections of fire safety equipment and fire safety equipment.
  • We will elaborate the documentation of fire protection required – the integration of operations, fire regulations, fire registration office regulations, fire alarm instructions, fire evacuation plans, documentation related to extinguishing fires, fire record books.
  • We will perform preventive fire inspections, including proposing measures to correct the shortcomings.
  • We will train employees in fire protection, in the operation of the fire registration office and we will carry out training for the members of fire-prevention patrols and for the fire prevention officers.

Environmental protection – EMS

We will set up an environmental protection system:

  • We will perform an initial audit and evaluate existing conditions in the field of the environment.
  • We will prepare emergency plans.
  • We will prepare operating regulations.
  • We will prepare internal guidelines.
  • We will provide monitoring of the quality of the environment through internal audits.
  • We will train the staff in the environmental field.
  • We will solve waste management issues comprehensively.
  • We will keep a record of the waste.
  • We will arrange a permit for the operation of a  stationary source.
  • We will process rules for the use of chemical substances and mixtures.
  • We will provide reports to the integrated system of reporting obligations database (ROD).

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Komerční banka (CZ)

Czech Republic,
Société Générale group

  • FM and cleaning services for Prague and the South Bohemia region
  • OKIN already provided services for South Moravia
  • Cooperation with OKIN Facility started from 1st October 2015
  • Contract duration is set for 3 years with the option to extend the agreed terms for a further period
  • The network includes more than 150 branches
  • The total serviced area is 120 000 m²
  • OKIN’s current client Komerční banka issued a tender for a new FM & cleaning services provider due to the expiration of their old contract.
  • There were a few main reasons for OKIN‘s success in the tender:
    • Long term relationship with KB on all levels
    • Excellence in service delivery
    • OKIN’s ability to offer specially tailored solutions that exactly meet client‘s expectations in terms of organizational structure, management model, etc.
    • OKIN Facility offered the most innovative solutions compared to other participants
  • Technical maintenance of buildings
  • Mandatory checks (revisions)
  • Assets supervision and technical administration
  • EH&S services
  • Other administrative support applicable to the banking sector
    • Exterior cleaning
    • Interior cleaning
    • Delivery and refill of sanitary material
Mondelez (BG)
  • Two manufacturing plants – coffee and chocolate
  • 800 employees
  • 30.000 sq. m
  • Cooperation with OKIN Facility started in Feb. 2010
  • Small contract for cleaning services of the coffee plant was extended and currently we have IFM contract with an expiration date in 2017
  • Quality evaluation is assured by SLAs & KPIs
  • Mondelez had a number of suppliers for various FM services (approx. 30) + self-employed personnel
  • Too many people were allocated to managing all FM-related services
  • Over time introduction of new services (with financial benefit to the client)
  • OKIN introduced IFM scope in Mondelez factories in BG
  • Based on the IFM solution, Mondelez reduced the number of responsible people on their side
  • Technical management of buildings and equipment
  • Security Services
  • Landscaping and greenery care
  • Waste management
  • Laundry services
  • Catering services – as of Aug ‘15
  • Emergency service, mobile maintenance 24/7
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Snow removal / winter service
  • Pest control
  • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
  • Internal mail service – as of Aug. ‘15
Stop Shop (SK)

IMMOFINANZ Services Slovensko, s.r.o.

  • Retail / Commercial parks
  • 6 Stop Shop locations
  • 31 942 sq. m of leasable area
  • 55 605 sq. m of parking area and greenery
  • Cooperation with OKIN FACILITY started on 1.1.2013
  • Contract is for 3 years with the option to extend the agreed terms for a further period
  • Quality evaluation is assured by SLA
  • No requirements for existing inventory system
  • No existing system for recording equipment and devices of individual properties
  • OKIN introduced integrated FM scope
  • OKIN provided successful consulting in the area of treatment of greenery
  • OKIN introduced PSI, Help Desk
  • Extending the number of properties after tender in 2015
  • Landscaping and greenery care
  • Technical management of buildings and equipment
  • Energy management, remote consumption monitoring
  • Waste management, environmental services
  • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Snow removal / winter service
  • Emergency service, mobile maintenance 24/7
  • Security services including remote dispatching connection
Office Depot
Philip Morris
Leading financial institution (PL)
  • Worldwide leading company in banking segment
  • International contract through ECS and CBRE
  • Comprehensive cleaning, daily service, greenery services.
  • 4 offices in Wroclaw & 1 in Warsaw
  • Over 2000 employees
  • 35.000 sq. m
  • Cooperation with OKIN FACILITY started from 1st of January 2015
  • 55 of OKIN’s employees
  • Client was not aware of current practices of FM upmarket companies
  • Each of their 5 offices managed separately with no interactions & synergies
  • Unsatisfactory service delivery level
  • Local service provider with poor cleaning processes
  • Incorrect labor contracts avoiding statutory deductions
  • Lack of project leadership
  • Presentation of service solution applying OKIN‘s standards and merging them with required procedures
  • Deep analysis of all activities
  • Building project organization structure and communication model ensuring correct management practices
  • Project transition and process application
  • Measuring every single activity
  • Comprehensive management for all sites
  • Lowering total number of FTE enabling salaries to increase for cleaning personal
  • Motivation and productivity increase for the following services:
    • Office cleaning
    • Daily service
    • Window cleaning and deep cleaning
    • Confidential and non- confidential waste management
    • Greenery services
    • Additional technical maintenance of some devices